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Liebende und Landschaft

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    Lovers in the Landscape, 2004, watercolour, 25 x 35 cm
Liebende und Landschaft     April 2 to 30, 2006        (more info on this exhibit)
- a solo exhibition of 18 watercolour and mixed media works from the Lovers and Landscape (2001-05) series

After the many challenges of shipping and insurance to get the exhibition to Germany, and then three weeks at German customs, the work arrived at the Museum only the day before Bev and I did, just in time to help with the installation at the Neiderlausitzer Heidemuseum in Spremberg.

The opening reception was a quite formal affair with several speeches by dignitaries, the District Chairman Dieter Friese, the Museum Director Eckbert Kwast, and by me, and by Jana Handrischeck, the organizer of the exhibition. Jana is also Coordinator of International Relations for the region.

After the formalities, champagne was served, and the doors opened to the exhibit.  There were photographs and press interviews, and lots of questions from all the guests.  With little English spoken in that region, the translator was kept very busy.

We were guests of the District of Spree-Neisse, and were treated 'royally' by them.  The District provided accommodation in Cottbus during our month long stay, and several lunches, dinners, tours of the area, introductions, etc.  Jana also acted as our translator and spent a great deal of time with us, resulting in a close and continuing friendship.

Our itinerary included visits many museums, galleries, some special parks and gardens.  And for the most part, we were able to do so.  I also have an interest in the architecture of that part of Europe.  So we spent quite a lot of time in Cottbus and of course, in its neighboring city of Spremberg.  After a few days, we took the train to Prague, and from our small apartment on Wenceslas Square, we spent three days walking among the architectural wonders.

On our return to our apartment in Cottbus, Bev developed bronchitis and potential pneumonia, so we stayed put in the area for about ten days.  Plans to drive to Austria and Switzerland had to be scrapped, unfortunately.  But Jana's doctor prescribed antibiotics and Bev's health improved rapidly.  We were able to spend four very full days at museums, galleries, etc. in Berlin.

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